Beijing youth signs up for a reporter to learn from scene hill park, through 4 years of programs reparative cloth is exhibited, shou Huangdian is built group already restored Qing Qianlong 14 years (1749) the historical appearance of Shou Huangdian compound, open to the public. Current, scene hill park already started Guan Dedian reparative project, predicting the end of the year is finished and open to the public. 2020, the park still will finish the overhaul of Gu Jian of cultural relic of the others outside dividing Yong Saidian, on the axes in restoring old Beijing in the round most north carries ancient building group historical scene. The Shou Huangdian that by inside and outside two compound comprise builds the 120 halberd …… that part of door of ninety-nine thousand seven hundred and ninety-one doornail of gold of the fine gold on brick of clear acting Gu Jianzhong’s commonly used 2 cities appearance, bright red arch, halberd restores to display, follow to compasses of the Imperial Ancestral Temple is made and be built, belong to Chinese ancient time the building form of highest grade, also be the except the Imperial Palace the 2nd old building on the axes in Beijing group. However, it is a few years ago, the place of Children’s Palace activity that conduit of ground of shop of square brick of here or cement, central heating appears, decayed, doornail is short of pillar break, become for a time here “ door is not door ” , be without the extensive great imposing manner of cultural relic Gu Jian. After from 2013 hall of end birthday emperor builds parks of group of hill of formal regression scene, all change begins. The main component of the axes in regarding as, what Shen Wei of the axes in accompanying Beijing works is comprehensive spread out, gu Jianqun of birthday emperor hall started whole in April 2016 reparative, finishing on November 30, 2017, through a year much in-house adornment and cloth are exhibited, open finally at trying external on November 22, 2018, the architectural on the axes in realizing old Beijing first whole appears. Cultural relic Gu Jianxiu copy is by no means trifling matter. Before reparative project starts Shou Huangdian, park management ever just was built to Shou Huangdian group outside the cultural relic inside Gong Qiang is built (compose) build, compound environment undertakes detailed reconnaissance, consulted much historical material and blueprint, picture, reparative give priority to body toward structure composition with existent clear Dai Qianlong, strive to build safe hidden trouble in purify while, compound of hall of emersion birthday emperor most extensive great period namely Qing Qianlong 14 years (1749) when majestic, brilliant grand occasion scene. According to scene hill park deputy garden grows the Song Dynasty Introduction , this round reparative covered Shou Huangdian inside the courtyard all 14 halls and the Gong Qiang of 15 place courtyard and palace door, side door, door that follow a wall, new to compound store is installed, ask even many 140 Gu Shudou inside the courtyard ” of interrogation of “ of expert one by one even, make cure plan respectively, all plants configure “ compound to undertake resumptive according to historical pattern, reflect original historical function and scene ” . Finish reparative open Shou Huangdian attracted a large number of tourists, in much time of half an year already accumulative total welcomes a visitor 310 thousand person-time. “ strikes while iron is hot ” , near future of scene hill park started life the Guan Dedian of Huang Diandong side is reparative project, protect overall planning eduction according to Beijing old city schedule of Gu Jianxiu copy. Guan Dedian in all 4 enter yard, just a little enters yard reparative had finished, what undertaking at present is the 3rd, 4 those who enter yard is reparative. As identical as Shou Huangdian, those who watch De Dian is reparative also will strive utmost restores historical appearance appearance. “ predicts reparative will be finished at the end of the year and open to the tourist. of ” the Song Dynasty discloses, the basis is preliminary postpone old plan, future watchs De Dianjiang to be given priority to in order to exhibit with interactive experience, hopeful shoots the pattern that the performance shows with Qing Daiqi, reproduce its “ emperor to watch official in feudal times to ride the historical function that shoots ” place. Next year, plan of scene hill park reports watchtower of 10 thousand Chun Ting, figured woven silk material and north to cultural relic bureau the reparative plan of Ou Xingqing cabinet, huang Dianhe of reparative temple closing the Supreme Being, birthday has been finished to be in before adding this reparative Guan Dedian, by predicting next year, scene hill park will finish the overhaul of Gu Jian of cultural relic of the others outside dividing Yong Saidian, on the axes in restoring old Beijing in the round most north carries ancient building group historical scene. It is reported, reparative plan hopeful of Yong Saidian is in “ is finished during 935 ” . Door of the “ that uncover secret is not door ” Shou Huang the door ever was regarded as the building uses Jing Shan of long the Song Dynasty of park deputy garden introduces, the worker discovers in reparative process, huang Diangu builds life group although save complete, but ever undertook to cater to not contemporaneous functional requirement decorating altering, the one big serious content that undertakes to these altering one by one is this reparative project more. “ needs to use, the brim outside be in architectural more ever u怎么联系大学生陪游ndertook decorating altering, this reparative in the ground restored our specific aim 3 hand in water chestnut of 6 bowls of 6 horn to spend partition board door and cage window to decorate. Before this, install a looking glass to wooden floor, metope is installed in the ground of side hall in a palace or temple of thing hill hall, thing, was hit on the square brick of audience hall and wall brick aperture, we also undertook to this one by one restores. of ” the Song Dynasty introduces. Period of this bright Qing Dynasty is royal hold an ancestor the place of sacred activity, became the auditorium of Children’s Palace later.门头沟双峪按摩 For beauty of laid arena dance and acoustics cop, the original wooden member i北京密云区润海城足浴nside the hall and color picture suffer extremely havoc, original drive talk also is 顺义麦颂ktvmarred serious, on here returns the century to ever had produced fire even at the beginning of 80 time. Go up century 80 time the middle ten days of a month, although halberd door got reparative, but the space that opens open originally is closed to rise unexpectedly, halberd door also was repaired by raw uncultivated land a building. This reparative in, the reparative trace of crude ” presses these “ original state got resumptive. Colour draws reparative reservation Shou Huangdian of scene of history of new old comparative resurgence ever was passed for many times before this reparative, however undeserved reparative as good as harms ” at bringing “ 2 times to this Gu Jianqun. The worker is reparative in ever discovered, the original color picture inside the hall is destroyed serious, many places appeared the circumstance with abhorrent picture of color of brim of inside and outside. “ this may be later generations is in reparative process, enclothed original picture directly with new painting or the big wood component part that later period added colour of a few belts to draw, make original colour is drawn by cover or pollution. of ” the Song Dynasty discloses. For this, just ask an expert to consult field detailed color picture made reinstate plan after historical data: To the colour of reservation the picture undertakes protect and removing dust partly, to be being marred already badly, the colour with abhorrent brim of inside and outside draws a ” of “ eliminate the false and retain the true, be made according to historical compasses and inside content of brim color picture is new and reductive. Now, the tourist observes meeting discovery carefully, the on half part of very colorful picture inside Shou Huangdian has faded serious, and below half part however color is bright. Because the worker is in,this is reparative in draw content scale according to the primitive colour of on half part the new variety picture of below half part. “ also worries originally so bad to look, but the original model appearance that we miss to renew period of Qianlong of birthday emperor hall with such means. As time changes, after original colour falls off, meet by bright fade. We hope to let an audience see the mark of historical appearance, time through this kind of means. ”Method of rehabilitate of hall of conversational life emperor has can identify sexual dialog person: Deputy garden of scene hill park grows blueness of north of of the Song Dynasty to declare: “ does not change ” of cultural relic original state, least interpose is the basic principle with reparative cultural relic, of Shou Huangdian reparative still emphasized “ history readability and repair method can identifying sexual ” particularly, how to understand this one principle? of the Song Dynasty: Actually both do not conflict. This reparative we insist to use former technology, use raw material, change with changing cultural relic original state, make sure least interpose is a principle, with the building of Qianlong period the style restores original structure form to make. The brick of 2 cities appearance that lays on the ground now for instance, use fire of conventional technology handiwork namely, to restore scene of this one history, the brick of almost all at that time brickyard is bought by us smooth. In the meantime, we also emphasize repair measure can identify a gender, take the step such as mend by replacing a damaged part, joggle, fill and consolidate as far as possible, save former member, the material that assures that he must be updated, quality of a material and even form, tonal answer with consistent before. With colour the picture is exemple, we were not repaired completely old as usual, let a person do not look to give a mark, contrary tourist can be clear about the contrast that sees new old variety draws brim of inside and outside. Boreal blueness signs up for: How is outdoor cultural relic protected to be not destroyed by 2 in reparative process? of th丰台区哪个ktv有陪唱质量好的e Song Dynasty: We had done the protection that old cultural relic shows inside area before start working, built special cultural relic warehouse, have positional grade to the backbone animal that disassembles temporarily in reparative process and deposit centrally, in order to ensure roofing is made of baked clay correct homing. In the meantime, installed to all ancient trees inside area avoid let surround block, regular school ancient tree is in charge of personnel to arrive inside the hall only examine Gu Shusheng to grow reach the situation such as plant diseases and insect pests. Boreal blueness signs up for: You emphasize reparative process having all the time according to but abide, what does this “ have according to ” ? Does former some build blueprint to still be in? of the Song Dynasty: Have the former blueprint of one part, we still went to the unit such as the Imperial Palace consulting in the meantime data of a lot of histories, still have the old picture of bequeath of a few histories, these are our reference, halberd door restores 120 halberd display, still having thing scene booth, tablet booth is to consult historical data restores original structure, the practice ad北京鸭子招北京关闭按摩聘会所opts conventional technology completely also. Again for instance the door cymbals of gold of ninety-nine thousand seven hundred and ninety-one doornail above bricky city gate, fine gold, these are made according to conventional technology, ninety-nine thousand seven hundred and ninety-one it is royal the largest cardinal number, reflected royal building order and degree. We are complete according to the graph book resume its pattern before, the 北京市海淀区保健按摩院design of all door cymbals and size are according to historical data unvarnished restore.

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